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KENYA AIRWAYS will issue ADMs/invoices to collect amounts or make adjustments to all Travel Agents and Staff transactions related to the bookings, ticketing, sales and refund as per IATA Res 850M and 830A. This policy applies to all GDS subscribers including travel agents and any person or entity accessing Kenya Airways internal reservation system content via the Internet or any other electronic means. It is the responsibility of the GDS subscribers to ensure that all of its employees, agents and contractors, in all of its locations are familiar with this policy.


  • Ensure inventory integrity and avoid circumvention of inventory controls.
  • Avoid GDS cost brought on by unproductive and inefficient bookings or actions.
  • Maintain and respect efficient cooperation between travel trades and airlines


These policies apply to all GDS subscribers and direct connection subscriber locations (e.g. Msafiri Connect tool) and are applicable to all bookings regardless if the itinerary is ultimately ticketed. By engaging in any of the prohibited booking procedures listed below, Kenya airways reserve the right to inhibit access to its inventory systems or to charge penalties via agency debit memo.


The purpose of this information is to provide additional transparency and definition to Kenya airways booking policy.